The Waterfront

Campus Student Life

Madison, WI

Designed to fit within the heart of the historic Langdon Neighborhood, the Waterfront redevelopment encompasses two existing and introduces one new building.  The new, primary building consists of a seven story, 71-unit residential student housing project designed to blend the best of modern housing with the character of the surrounding historic district. This project provides underground parking for cars, bikes and mopeds, energy efficient and green building techniques, several levels of rooftop terraces, and carefully designed street level massing.

The renovations at the existing 37-unit Cliff Dwellers building include front façade upgrades and the addition of defined and welcoming building entrance. The existing through-the-wall air conditioning sleeves were removed and replaced with a concealed system. The rear façade was renovated, and the existing balcony replaced with a lighter glass façade and French balconies. Interior renovations included all new floors, plumbing fixtures, wall finishes, lighting, cabinetry, and counter tops.

The second renovation occurred within the historic building at 150 Langdon, targeting both exterior façades and interior improvements.  The exterior masonry was cleaned and tuck-pointed, windows repaired or replaced, and the original building entries and window openings re-installed.  Interior renovations included new floor and wall finishes, replacement of inappropriate doors, casing and trim, and restoration of the entry and entry stairway.