City Row


Madison, WI

The City Row Apartments consisted of the renovation of historic homes and yards with redevelopment for 83-unit townhome and apartment buildings on a two acre site with 19 existing structures. Three newly constructed four story affordable housing buildings form an articulated street edge and rear courtyard spaces. Individual townhome entries with generous porches are emphasized on the street façades with a series of two and three-bedroom townhomes forming much of the first two floors of the structures. The central building houses the community areas of the development with a common room that opens onto the courtyard. The courtyards are hardscaped for intensive use but are open and visually connected to the landscaped lawns that also allow for storm water management. Terraced gardens at the center of the site will provide for both management-maintained and tenant maintained garden plots. The project is certified as Green Built Home and is the first Energy Star-qualified multifamily high-rise building in Wisconsin. The project was the first WHEDA project closed in the state of Wisconsin utilizing TCAP funds.