Grand Central

Campus Student Life

Grand Central Apartments is a 14-story, 155 unit residential building for students, graduate assistants and university staff located in the heart of the University of Madison campus.

The building integrates into its urban context with a strong presence at the street corner. A generous landscaped plaza and associated commons area substantially improve the pedestrian streetscape on this corner of campus. Pedestrian access is clearly articulated off the corner and plaza space.

The building is composed of twelve stories of glass and masonry architecture that changes at the thirteenth floor to a lighter glass and precast concrete expression. Step-backs and architectural differentiation are provided to create a 4-story street presence as the building meets the adjoining parcels. Both private and public open spaces are provided. The street level plaza provides a public space at the corner of Johnson and Mills, while a south facing roof terrace above the twelfth floor becomes a space for semi-public social gatherings. Private balconies and patios provide private outdoor spaces to each apartment .

This project represents Knothe & Bruce Architect’s expertise in planning, implementing design, documentation, and construction administration of large scale, dense student housing projects. Grand Central’s location and amenities create an ideal student housing experience.